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It's time to party.

We are celebrating our first full decade in business! We opened our doors on January 16th, 2010 and we have our awesome cycling community to thank for helping us grow over these last ten years. We are so grateful to have found a home in this wonderful neighborhood.

Check out the slideshows below for a look back.

In order to celebrate, we need you - our people! We will be hosting some social rides/events that week and we hope you'll join us for any or all of them:

Thursday 1-16-20 : Adventure Coffee - 7am because you can't drink coffee all day if you don't start in the morning. Meet us by The Monument (east river rd.) with your most portable brewing equipment. Aero-press, French Press, Pour over, whatever you like. If you don't have any supplies, just bring a mug, and maybe some water if you can keep it from freezing. We'll hang out until we can't stay warm enough. 

Friday 1-17-20 : Party at ACF! - 7pm. We'll provide plenty of beverages and some snacks, but we mostly just want to socialize because we appreciate you, and it's winter.

Saturday 1-18-20 : Birthday hangover ride to Northern Coffeeworks - 9:30am departure from ACF - After a night of partying, we'll hop back on our bikes and roll up the river to our sibling cafe for coffee and breakfast. Anyone who rides along will get a free drink token!

What we've built along the way...

Northern Frameworks

We love custom bikes so much that we built our own bike company by joining forces with an outstanding local framebuilder, dedicated to making the highest quality handmade bikes. Your bike can be fully #MadeinMN.

Northern Coffeeworks

Northern Coffeeworks is only two years old, and has already evolved into a premier coffee roasting business. It began as a cafe, serving coffee and tea of course, but also beer, wine, and a delicious food menu.

Mend Provisions

Opened in 2013 by Josh and Mike, around the corner from ACF. It turns out, there is quite an overlap between fly fishing and cycling crowds. A high percentage of us in the shop can be found talking about both, on a given day.

The Shop Buildout:

Began in Fall of 2009. Lots of long days in the beginning... Who's been around long enough to watch our home evolve?

Our Founders

Some Faces of ACF over the years

TJ and the inimitable Nick Valdes
Parker, post Alexander 380

Never visited any our shops? Our friend T.C. made this cool video about our business family a few years ago.