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Moots Titanium Bikes

The ride of your life. Hand-built in the Rockies.  


Designed to perform, built to last.

That’s what we do; Tune the design until it’s just right, then each frame is built from our handcrafted tubesets, created with hardware from the best titanium producers in the US — and worldwide.

Vamoots RCS

Road riding and not having to skip that less than perfect surface that has been calling your name. Now you can introduce yourself properly.

Vamoots Disc RSL

Pure road performance—Stiff and light- tight handling-fast acceleration—smooth, balanced ride—titanium durability

Vamoots DR

Endurance fit, road performance riding, flat mount disc mount, fastback seat stays, 30mm tire clearance comfortable, predictable handling, fun

Vamoots RSL

Pure road performance, Stiff and light, tight handling, fast acceleration, smooth, balanced ride, titanium durability

Routt RSL

Pure gravel performance- 45mm tire clearance-Stiff and light-The ROUTT RSL is the ultimate gravel bike and mixed surface machine

Routt 45

Gravel and dirt, 50mm tire clearance, 3D printed flat mount brake mount, gravel riding, gravel racing, longer touring, bike packing

Routt YBB

YBB micro-suspension for gravel, 50mm tire capacity, three water bottle locations, hidden fender eyelets

Psychlo X RSL

Pure Cyclocross performance— quick handling — pinpoint geometry — balanced under pedal and on shoulder — the bomb proof ride of Ti

Baxter 29”

Deep gravel, two-track and Tour Divide single track adventurer.


The Womble is for lovers of single-track and adventure. For those that seek something deeper and longer lasting than the spec trend of the month, or the latest molded contraption. It’s a new bike for old souls. It’s a cult. It’s a Moots.

Mooto X RSL

Single-track speedster— quick, light and tight handling great climber — solid and durable


Simplicity, balanced handling, and long-term durability is what separates the MOUNTAINEER YBB from other bikes in its class.


If you have questions, or want help getting yourself onto a Moots, please reach out to us. You can reach us the following ways:

Phone/Text: 1-612-722-1538 
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