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Northern Coffeeworks

Fueling Your Adventures

***Our coffee shop at Angry Catfish is currently closed. Whole bean coffee is available for purchase curbsite or on our website. Angry Catfish is moving into a new space this summer and the current space will be a Northern Coffeeworks. Thanks for being patient as we move into our new space.***

We’re as serious about quality coffee and tea as our bike folks are about quality bicycles. We have a cafe within our shop, and we serve expertly roasted coffee from companies who travel the world to buy from exceptional coffee producers. We then pretty much obsess about getting these coffees to taste their absolute best. Whether you're waiting for a bike repair or just want to enjoy a fantastically tasty beverage, stop by and see us soon.

Northern Coffeeworks

Visit Us in Downtown East

Northern Coffeeworks is a sibling business of Angry Catfish with a standalone location on S. Washington Ave. Our mission is simple: serve amazing, wholesome, and sustainably sourced coffee and food, in a space that reflects the beautiful scenery of our home state of Minnesota. We want to build community in the great city in which we live, and leave people happier than when they walked through the door.