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A Love Letter To Cycling...

Meet Wilde Bikes!

We are super excited to share Wilde Bikes with you! Wilde is a new brand that was originated by Jeff Frane, formerly of All-City Cycles fame. We have teamed up with Jeff to help create new bicycle frames that are beautiful, design rich, and super fun to ride. Whether you want to create your dream machine, or try one of our thoughtfully executed stock builds we are here to help.

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The Wilde Ethos

No limits, no constraints, simply a desire to build the absolute finest bikes we possibly can and to contribute to creating a brighter and better future in the industry.

CURRENT BIKES | Handbuilt in the USA

We take pride in designing and creating the finest bikes possible. Our years of experience and deep relationships have allowed us to create a network of some of the most talented frame builders in the world. Folks we are incredibly proud to support and whose values mirror our own.

We understand not everyone needs, or can afford a handmade custom bicycle produced in the USA, that is why we have also partnered with some of the most talented frame builders in Taiwan to bring you Wilde inspired products that will be landing in the beginning of 2023. Make sure to check out the Supertramp below. This bike is available for pre-order and arrives in February 2023. 

Earth Ship Steel Frameset

Earth Ship Steel 

The Earth Ship exists to be the lightest, fastest, and most comfortable steel all-arounder. It is the epitome of what we believe a modern drop bar bike can and should be.

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Earth Ship Titanium Frameset

Earth Ship Titanium 

The Earth Ship Ti is light, nimble, capable, versatile, and most importantly comfortable for very long days in the saddle. We believe it to be the very pinnacle of gravel bikes.
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dream engine

Dream Engine 

Our signature Bike Packing frameset is built with big miles and big plans in mind. A true go-anywhere, do-anything machine, if you can conceive it you can achieve it aboard the Dream Engine. 
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yo jeffy hardtail

Yo Jeffy! Hardtail 

The Yo Jeffy! is our modern trail rocket, a mix of race and trail characteristics, it's designed to be fast, light, versatile, nimble, and playful. As at home between the tape as it is on long backcountry excursions. 
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full wolf cyclocross

Full Wolf Cyclocross

The Full Wolf is our full gas cyclocross race bike. Tall BB, short rear end, and designed to get you from the start line to the podium as quickly as possible. It's got tons of mud clearance and with the optional Rocker Dropouts, allows you to race geared or singlespeed, and adjust your rear end for more stability or muck clearance. Many riders choose to add on some features to flex the Full Wolf into bad weather gravel days.
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yo jeffy hardtail


Handmade in Taiwan at the legendary Maxway factory, the Supertramp is our bikepacking, trekking, and all-terrain bicycle platform. From month-long backcountry tours to trips to the corner store and everything in between, you'll find it to be an incredibly versatile platform for living your life via bicycle.
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Contact Us To Get Started On Your Wilde Bike Today

Collaborate with us to co-create the bike of your dreams. Your perfect fit, the features you need, a custom finish that reflects your creative inputs. All outcomes are possible.