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Handlebar Bags

Swift Industries Motherloaf Basket Bag
The Motherloaf Basket Bag is Swift’s large-capacity front bag designed to integrate seamlessly and securely with the Wald 139 bicycle basket. With a whopping 30 liters capacity, the Motherloaf takes your basket-packing capabilities to a whole ‘nother level! Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Fortunately we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel to answer the call for a larger capacity bag to use with the classic Wald 39, 139, or 1392 basket. If you’re familiar with our game-changing Sugarloaf Basket Bag, then you already get the gist of the Motherloaf, a scaled-up version with a whopping 30 liters capacity! Like the Sugarloaf, the new Motherloaf is designed to nest perfectly inside the Wald basket, with wing-like side flaps that wrap over the rim of the basket to securely fasten your load on uneven terrain. Since the introduction of the Sugarloaf, thousands of cyclists have discovered the ease and functionality of “basketpacking”. The use of a front-mounted rack and basket provide the most stable platform for centering and securing heavy loads up front, and the Motherloaf provides the biggest and best way keep it all in place. With comfy topside handles and shoulder strap attachment points, it carries as gracefully off bike as it does on, making it the ideal grocery-getting, errand-running urban bike accessory. The main compartment is easy to operate while the bag is attached to the basket, so accessing your things without getting off the bike is a breeze. Easily add bonus capacity to your Basketpacking setup with one of our Adventure Organizing Bags, the Sidekick Pouch and the Rando Pocket, which are also designed to integrate with the exterior of the Wald Basket! - Exterior pockets accessible while the bag is in the basket - Magnetic snap pocket closures - A very secure attachment system to the basket. - Cushioned base to prevent rattling noises and to protect iPad etc. - Interior pockets for additional organization - Reflective touches on attachment wings - Clever snap on handles keeps them out of the way SPECIFICATIONS - Measurements: 17”w x 10”d x 9”h - Capacity: 30L (yes, this is real) - Weight: 1.25lb
Swift Industries Paloma Handlebar Bag
$202.00 - $209.00
The Paloma Handlebar Bag is a classic bar bag design and mounts into the handlebars using the Rixen and Kaul Klickfix Adapter. A clear map case, and external pocket add utility to this elegant bag. Ideal for road rides, gravel roads, and touring. Not recommended for technical terrain. The Paloma Handlebar Bag puts everything you need within reach while you’re on the move, so you can go further, faster. No more stuffed jersey pockets, or repeatedly stopping to get things out of your saddle bag or panniers. The Paloma is available in XPac™? textiles, each developed for the durable needs of the sailing industry. Whether you’ve got the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris route on the horizon, or are exploring the backroads of the high Cascades, our Paloma Bar Bag is here to chase the perfect ride. Cool Features: Front pocket 10 X 5clear map case, touch-screen responsive Dee rings for a shoulder strap Interior pen pockets and phone or note pad slots Measurements: 10w X 5.75d X 6.25h Capacity: 6 L Weight: 14 oz. Klickfix Adapter weight limits: 15 lbs
Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar Bag, Dovetail Collection
The Kestrel is a purpose-built handlebar bag. Integration with our Sidekick and the Rando Pocket adventure organizing bags makes for the perfect cockpit setup for adventurous day trips on pavement, gravel, or dirt! Now, as part of the Dovetail Collection, this special limited edition of the Kestrel takes flight in a rich Stealth Grey X50 X-Pac material, and comes standard with a removable kestrel patch designed by artist Wyatt Hersey. Velcro attachment point for our Dovetail Patch Kit — collect the whole flock of interchangeable patches! - Ships with (2) 6-inch Voile Nano Straps - Coverlight lash tabs at top for attachment to handlebars - Coverlight lash tab daisy chain on bottom - Lash points for bedroll straps on top/bottom of rear panel - Waterproof YKK Zipper - Internal zipper and organizing pockets within main compartment - Front exterior flat pocket - Measurements: 10”w x 5”h x 3”d - Capacity: 2L - Weight: 6 oz
Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar Bag
In our quest to more fully develop our soft-mount bag offerings, we looked for inspiration from proven designs within our existing portfolio; no need to reinvent the wheel! We started with our super popular Ardea Pack — which is a convertible handlebar bag / hip pack — as the design foundation for the new Kestrel Handlebar Bag. Focusing on the core of the Ardea design by freeing up the back and sides of the bag allowed for the addition of attachment points for our Sidekick Stem Pouch and/or Rando Pocket, creating a one-piece adventure pod that can most effectively utilize the available space on both sides of the bars and both sides of the stem! With everything you need easily accessible at your fingertips and anchored together for stability, we can’t think of a more practical cockpit setup for a full day in the saddle. Or rock the Kestrel minimalist-style without the barnacles when you just need capacity for an extra layer, your fix-it kit, and a banana. The bottom of the pack includes a Coverlight daisy chain that’s perfect for lashing your pump, fishing rod, or other small items. And there’s even lash points on the corners of the rear panel for even more versatility in add-on’s! The new Kestrel Handlebar Bag will be right at home on your gravel rig, your grocery-getter, your road bike, and even your trail bike. - Ships with (2) 6-inch Voile Nano Straps - Coverlight lash tabs at top for attachment to handlebars - Coverlight lash tab daisy chain on bottom - Lash points for bedroll straps on top/bottom of rear panel - Waterproof YKK Zipper - Internal zipper and organizing pockets within main compartment - Exterior flat pocket - Gatekeeper clip attachment buckles for fast attachment SPECIFICATIONS - Measurements: 10”w x 5”h x 3”d - Capacity: 2L - Weight: 6 oz
Swift Industries Ardea Pack
The Ardea Pack is equal measures a hip pack and a bicycle handlebar bag. Mounted at the bars of your bicycle, the hip pack straps stow discreetly out of sight, and the bag secures to the bars using a soft-mount webbing system. No racks or metal attachments are necessary. The 2.5 liter pack was built for your essential fly fishing kit, sunscreen, maps, and windbreaker. There are two exterior webbing straps on the base of the Ardea Pack to securely carry your wind breaker or packable fly rod. The Ardea Pack transitions in moments into a waist bag that’s ready for angling, hiking and trail running. Broad hip supports offer stellar for stability when you’re on the move, and add real-estate for a Sidekick Stem Pouch and modular Rando Pocket for more capacity. Moving on? Break apart the hip pack kit, and you’ve got a handlebar bag and stem bag ready to roll. - Convertible hip pack design - MOLLE attachment points on hip pack stabilizers for our Sidekick Pouch - Waterproof YKK Zipper - Main pocket has internal zipper and organizing pockets - Exterior flat pocket - Gatekeeper clip attachment buckles for fast attachment - Breathable spacer mesh backing DIMENSIONS - 10 X 6 X 2.5 - 2.5L, or 155 cubic inches - Waist Belt Sizing: 27? to 52? HOW-TO Handlebar Bag To set up your Ardea Pack as a handlebar bag, make sure that the waist strap is tucked securely behind the spacer mesh on the back of the Ardea Pack. Take a close look at the webbing straps attached to the top of the Ardea Pack. You’ll see that the Gatekeeper Buckle is inserted into a webbing slot, and that there’s a metal loop that closes the buckle to keep it in place. To open that metal loop, squeeze the top and bottom of the buckle together and the metal hook will pop open. Next, wrap the webbing straps around your bars. Tighten the webbing attachment straps real snug around your bars by opening the cam (the hinged part of the Gatekeeper Buckle that pinches the webbing and holds it in place) and adjusting the webbing. Tighten or loosen the webbing attachment straps as necessary, and close the cam firmly once you’ve found the perfect tension. Last but not least, on the bottom of the back panel, you’ll find a length of cord with a toggle attached to it. Wrap the cord around your stem or head tube and loop the cord round the toggle to hold the strap in place. Adjust the cord as needed to make sure the bag is as tight and stable as possible! Hip Pack Pull the waist straps out from behind the space mesh on the back of the Elwha Pack. You can adjust the waist belt from both sides of the belt.
Swift Industries Bandito Handlebar and Saddle Bag
The Bandito Handlebar and Saddle Bag is the perfect size for your tools, a windbreaker and your small stuff. Damn, it’s cute. - Attachment strap spacing for Brooks™ saddles and the likes - Attaches to handlebars - Side dee-rings for a shoulder strap - Voile™ attachment straps - Die cut Coverlite™ daisy chain - Front Zipper storm flap - Lighter-weight - Horizontal front daisy chain, use straps to attach a mini hand pump, slide on a reflector, and more!
Swift Industries Sidekick Stem Pouch, Dovetail Collection
The Sidekick Stem Pouch is an accessory bag for your water bottle, snacks, cell phone, and other assorted essentials. The Sidekick attaches to your bars or, using the integrated MOLLE webbing system, to a Wald basket, our Ardea Pack, Anchor Hip Pack, and Merlin Randonneur Bag, as modular upgrades. For Holiday ’21, the Sidekick has been given the Dovetail treatment! This special limited-edition version comes in Stealth Grey X50 fabric. The Sidekick Pouch weaves securely onto a Wald 137 Basket using standard MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment) attachment, or it can be strapped effortlessly to your bicycle’s stem and bars. The Sidekick is fit to carry snacks and repair supplies during your ride, and is wide enough for a Nalgene water bottle and measures the same height as a Wald 137 basket. Because the attachment mechanism is universal to the MOLLE system, our Sidekick is the perfect addition to any bag that features Molle webbing. - MOLLE attachment - Single-handed closure - Drain Hole - Comes with 3 velcro straps for stem attachment - New for 2020: The Sidekick Stem Pouch now features more attachment points for attaching it to the stem, which makes it more stable and secure. - Measurements: 5.25”h X 4”d - Capacity: 1L - Weight: .2 lbs
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