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Sim Works Half Moon Rack
From everyday use to light touring stints, the 'Half Moon' rack adds a dimension of capacity, functionality and style to your bicycle's front end. The front rack is often an underestimated accessory for the bicycle, but once it's attached, it lends itself to easy and convenient use in so many instances, that it becomes difficult to imagine being without it. Adding a pannier bag to the Half Moon- below it's top platform opens up an added realm of carrying capacity. The rack can be attached using fender mounting eyelets or cantilever brake pedestals in conjunction with a crown mounted "diving board". The legs of the rack are adjustable in height with SimWorks' original 'DenDen' bolt mechanism, allowing you to set the optimum angle and positioning of the rack for your bike. The updated version for Spring '22 features expanded tire capacity, slightly longer legs, and a brazed bar across the bottom of the rack to help secure a pannier clip After depositing your luggage on the half moon rack, whisper as usual ? If you feel the attraction of the half moon, you may be able to go farther ? Made by Nitto in Japan Specifications: - Material : 9mm CrMo Steel Tube - Weight : avg. 780g -Max Load : 12kg - Leg length : 340mm ~ 360mm / Geometry - Color : Chrome Plated & Black Notes: - Insert the leg adjuster DenDen bolt at least 15 mm. - Please refer to maximum load capacity. - Use with a basket etc. qualifies as modification and is not covered by the warranty. - Do not use with extended loading capacity. - In some instances, Half Moon can even be mounted on the rear end of a bike- given appropriate frame geometry and mounting points.
Sim Works Obento Rack
Simple form and function for your daily use and light touring. This simple front rack is designed to have more cyclists use our popular Potluck style of rack, and it features a lunch box size compact table as well as Potluck Rack has. Since there is long size connection rod and clamp in order to correspond to any front folk systems, you can still attach this rack without eyelets. It has a perfect form to match with our On The Road Rack as well. Once you have your Obento lunch box tied on this rack, let’s go to that hillock! - Material: 9mm CrMo Steel Tube / Main Frame - Weight: ave.635g - Max Load: 5kg - Platform Dimension: 210mm x 210mm - Accessories: (Connection Rod 420mm x 2, Connection Rod 350mm x 2, Clip Band 22mm x 2) *This item is designed for a front bag supporter, which means it supports a bottom part of a bag hanging from a handle bar. Please be careful for the withstanding load when you put something by itself on the rack.
Sim Works Honjo Dove Stay 35mm
In case you can’t use a standard dove stay, this longer version will help you out quickly. Height: 26~29mm (from a surface of fender to the center of a bolt)
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