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We’ve collaborated with Swift Cup Coffee to bring you our Boundary Waters and Juniper blends as a delicious & convenient instant coffee. Each packet contains 5g of freeze dried coffee. Add 8 - 10 oz of filtered water (hot or cold), give it a stir and enjoy! BWCA Blend: Origins Guatemala and Papua New Guinea Tasting Notes Cacao nib, honey, green grape Process Washed Juniper Blend: Origins Burundi Mibrizi Washing Station, Ethiopia Guji Uraga, Ethiopia Guji Layo Taraga Tasting Notes cola, wild blueberry, date Roast Level Medium-Light Process Washed and Natural
$16.00 - $20.50
Northern Coffeeworks is roasted here in the Twin Cities. If you aren't able to visit to pick up some beans, we'll ship them to you! Our Coffees: BOUNDARY WATERS BLEND Our signature blend that donates $1/bag to Save the Boundary Waters. A well rounded coffee that tastes just right whether brewed in grandma’s old Bunn or on a lakeshore in an Aeropress. - Origins: Guatemala and Papua New Guinea - Tasting Notes Cacao nib, honey, green grape - Process Washed JUNIPER BLEND Our at home as an espresso or brewed coffee. - A bright mix of cherries from Africa. - Origins: Burundi, Ethiopia Guji, Ethiopia West Arsi - Tasting Notes Cola, wild blueberry, date - Process Washed and natural CABIN VIBES Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry, Maple Syrup KENYA UTEUZI JUMBO Tasting notes: Grapefruit, Cane Sugar ETHIOPIA BENSA BOMBE Tasting notes: Blueberry, Maple ETHIOPIA GUJI KAYON MOUNTAIN Tasting notes: Peach, White Tea, Brown Sugar LADY'S SLIPPER BLEND Tasting notes: Strawberry Jam, Apricot COLUMBIA MANOS JUNTAS Tasting Notes: Strawberry Jam, Tropical Fruits COSTA RICA FINCA LAS HERMANAS HONEY PROCESS Tasting Notes: Raisin, Caramel, Bergamot EVERGREEN ESPRESSO Natural Colombia Manos Juntas - Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Cherry, Tropical ACF BLEND Costa Rica and Tanzania - Tasting Notes: Citrus, Cocoa, lush body. CONGO LAKE KIVU - WOMEN PRODUCERS Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai - Tasting Notes: Nilla Wafer, Tangerine, Orange Blossom, Semisweet Chocolate
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