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Spoken like a true Italian, the Rosso is lovely blend of Sangiovese and Giro d’Italia pink with just the perfect nose. You can’t tell us this MINT doesn’t make you want to roll up to your favorite Italian café for a Panino al Proscuitto and a glass of red, right? Cin cin.
It was to be monikered Métier borrowed from the nouveau culturally cycling rich Métier Seattle. We created this color combo especially for them because they asked for it and we like their style. "Cycling brings us together," they say, "tests our limits, clears our minds and makes us better." We agreed. And so, we did what we did and thought we'd be famous for it. But then we didn't get the color right and so it goes, we were...Almost Famous.
BAUHAUS PAYS HOMAGE TO JOSEPH ALBERS' HOMAGE TO THE SQUARE, THOUGH HERE, HOMAGE TO THE BAND. Whether this be the English Bauhaus band, a rock band, a rubber band or a band of color around one’s ankle is up to the viewer, the wearer, the rider; and is open for interpretation.
Our version of royalty in deep, dark, royal purple. Eminence is defined as fame or recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession. We've got a few eminent #assortmints ourselves. Our Eminence Front stands at 6", in between short and tall.
Get Smart is all class in crisp button down white with a splash of tuxedo or little black dress in the form of racing stripes. Get Smart replaces our blue and yellow striped Go Faster because sometimes things are, in fact, just black and white.
Seven inches of sage with a dash of fresh M-mint. Super clean, super clever, all-knowing, just like a sooth sager should be.
This is your holiday tree wrapped in a string of cranberries. It is limited edition and is unlikely to be here to ring in the new year. When it's gone, it's really gone. Get this one in your collection & happy holidays.
Because that's how the nursey rhyme goes and we owed it to our Bah Bah Blue Sheep to get it right. Our Black Sheep of the MINT family is 7" tall, can be worn year-round in many parts and includes a little bit of terry toe padding for reinforcement at that outer most point of your foot.
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