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$3.50 $5.00 30% Off
SRAM Bearing Adjuster
$4.20 - $24.00 $6.00 - $24.00 Up to 30% Off
Flat Mount Disc Caliper Bracket Bolts
$4.20 $6.00 30% Off
A nearly indispensable tool for setting up SRAM derailleurs. - Compatible with SRAM Eagle 50T/52T AXS and mechanical
$4.62 $6.60 30% Off
Brake Pad Spreader Springs - Available for Guide Ultimate and Guide X0 brakes
$4.90 $7.00 30% Off
Attach your IS Mount disc brake brackets with premium SRAM mounting bolts. These bolts are made from stainless steel for a lifetime of use and come with thread-locking compound already applied.
$4.90 $7.00 30% Off
Replacement SRAM Cable Anchor Assemblies and kits.
$6.25 $6.99 11% Off
Bottom bracket cup and spindle spacers for adjusting chainline or bearing play.
$6.30 $9.00 30% Off
SRAM's PC 830 Chain offers accurate shifting, excellent durability, and superior power transfer for 8-speed drivetrains.
$6.30 $9.00 30% Off
Hose fittings fit many of SRAM's newest hydraulic brake models. - Fittings are backwards compatible with older SRAM and Avid hydraulic brakes
$7.70 $11.00 30% Off
Red eTap battery terminal cover
$8.40 $12.00 30% Off
SRAM’s cranks are strong and tough, ready for any kind of ride. So it’s inevitable that pedal strikes and debris will chip away at the end of the crank. SRAM’s Carbon Crank Boot is an upgrade that combats the wear and tear that comes with hard riding. The boot protects the crank from surface damage and keeps the rider’s style perfectly in tact. - Injection molded plastic crank arm protection - Perfect way to protect your carbon crank investment from scratches and dents from pedal strikes - Material: Injection molded plastic - Recommended Group: XX1, X01, XX, X0
$8.40 $12.00 30% Off
Caliper piston service kit.
$8.40 $12.00 30% Off
Original equipment rear derailleur pulleys for SRAM rear derailleurs.
$9.10 $13.00 30% Off
DOT 5.1 brake fluid is compatible with all SRAM and Avid hydraulic disc brakes - Brake Fluid Type: DOT 5.1 - Bottle Size (Brake Fluid): 4 oz - Application (Brake Fluid): Disc Brakes
$9.10 $13.00 30% Off
SRAM's PC-1 Single Speed Nickel Chain is designed for singlespeed bicycles so it won't jump off when you're laying down the power. It comes with a connector link for easy installation and removal.
$9.60 - $16.00 $16.00 Up to 40% Off
A functional and visually appealing bidon featuring an oversized Pas Normal Studios logo. With its innovative membrane and lockable valve, this bidon is easy to use, allowing you to effortlessly rehydrate on your ride. The bidon features a lockable valve that can be twisted with one quick and easy movement. When locked it is impossible to spill, which means no more fumbling with pull spouts. Constructed from a soft, BPA-free recyclable plastic with a large opening, the bidon is both easy to squeeze and easy to clean after use, while remaining environmentally friendly. Lockable membrane valve BPA and phthalate free 20% post industrial recycled plastics Available in various colours 500mL Made in The Netherlands Care instructions Dishwasher safe
$10.50 $15.00 30% Off
Original equipment aluminum lockrings.
$11.20 $16.00 30% Off
Designed from a long line of dependable, lightweight chains that are built for toughness, the recommended chain for APEX 1, PC-1110. Designed with SRAM’s trusted XX1 geometry, the PC-1110 features solid pin construction, 11-speed PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out. - Optimized to work with X-SYNC rings for precise and dependable 11-speed performance - Fully compatible with all SRAM 1x drivetrains - Closing Link: PowerLock - Outer Plate: Polished grey - Inner Plate: Polished grey - Pin Treatment: Chrome Hardened - Weight: 232 - 273 grams - Rivet Type: Solid Pin - Speeds: 11
$11.20 $16.00 30% Off
The SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) consolidates thousands of hanger options across the industry, while protecting your derailleur against chain jams by pivoting back and out of the way, and slipping slightly when encountering impacts. It improves shifting performance, guarantees better alignment, and works with all drivetrains. - The Universal Derailleur Hanger consolidates thousands of mountain bike derailleur standards - UDH is designed to rotate rearward in the event of impact, and features the ability to “re-rail” the chain back onto the small cog - It works with all commercially available MTB and E-MTB drivetrains from Shimano to Box to Sunrace
$11.90 $17.00 30% Off
Stainless steel caliper hardware kits for repair and maintenance.
$11.90 $17.00 30% Off
SRAM Crank Arm Fixing Bolts
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
Designed for use with T-Type chains, the Eagle Transmission PowerLock provides the same rugged dependability as its predecessors. - For use with T-Type chains - No tools required for installation
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
The PC-951 is SRAM's most economical PowerChain and maintains their high standards of quality. It boasts tough chrome-hardened pins for durability and accurate shifting. And, with its great PowerLink, you don’t even need tools to install it.
$12.60 - $30.00 $18.00 - $30.00 Up to 30% Off
SRAM's X0 conversion caps are the ticket for converting your X0 hubs to a different axle type.
$13.00 - $20.00 $18.00 - $20.00 Up to 35% Off
Hello, Adventure Journal here. Nice to meet you. Printed four times a year in March, June, September, and December. Inside, you’ll discover: - Columns such as All Things Bike, Camp Notes, Historical Badass, Overlandia, Reader Poll and Weekend Cabin - Categories such as Blog, Essays, Gear, News + Issues, People + Culture, Recommended Reading and Videos
$13.30 $19.00 30% Off
- Lever blade kits sold each - Includes cam guide
$13.30 $19.00 30% Off
- Replacement bolt for DUB cranks
$13.30 - $24.00 $19.00 - $24.00 Up to 30% Off
Disc brake mount adaptor. - Includes stainless steel adaptor and caliper bolts
$13.65 $21.00 35% Off
Welcome to Rouleur 118: the Classics Issue. If the Tour de France is the idealised version of cycling, with blue skies, warm temperatures, sublime mountain landscapes and the colourful swish of the peloton along beautifully engineered roads, the Classics are more like real life. The great one-day races of Belgium and northern Europe – the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, E3, Gent-Wevelgem, Liège-Bastogne-Liège et al – are gritty, monochromatic affairs. They take place on farm roads, with all the attendant unglamorous sights and smells, in muddy, unspectacular landscapes where the trees are still bare in early spring. It’s probably raining, and it’s definitely chilly. We dream of the Tour de France; the Classics are more like everyday life. But they are also epic in their own way. The racing follows an entirely different pattern to the Tour. The Tour is about energy-saving and patience; in the Classics, especially in the modern era, who dares wins. And if whoever dares loses, well, there’s another race in a few days’ time. Issue 118 celebrates all things Classics, from the WorldTour riders who have made their mark on these cobbled roads to the places that bring these places to life.
$13.65 $21.00 35% Off
The Soul Issue For me, more than any other sport and activity, cycling is all about soul. Cycling gets me from A to B and it keeps me fit, healthy and happy, but even more importantly it makes me feel. Our latest magazine, Rouleur 119: the Soul issue explores all the ways that cycling elevates our spirits, lifts our mood and enhances our interaction with the world. When we brainstormed ideas for issue themes through 2023, we had already committed to making Rouleur 116 at the end of 2022 our ‘Mind’ issue. We quickly decided that ‘Body’ (Rouleur 117) would be our first magazine of 2023. And we couldn’t have ‘Mind’ and ‘Body’ editions without a ‘Soul’ magazine to complete the trinity. The funny thing is, nobody really knows what a soul is. Philosophers and scientists have for over four thousand years pondered the existence of the soul. Where is it? What is it? Classical philosophers theorised that it resided in the liver; Aristotle proclaimed that it was in the heart (getting closer now); Plato and Pythagoras suggested the brain was the seat of the soul. Herophilus, a more detail-focused and specific kind of philosopher, posited that the soul was exactly in the fourth ventricle of the brain. Even so, René Descartes concluded centuries later that the soul and the body were separate things. Basically, we haven’t got a clue. But at the same time, we know exactly what a soul is. That feeling you have when riding a bike or immersing yourself in a bike race? That’s the wave we’re riding in this edition of the magazine. What’s in the magazine? - Remco Evenepoel: The age of Remco - Crossing the Divide - Burn Brightly - Cycling, Spirituality and Escape
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