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Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil - 1 oz.

Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil - 1 oz.
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Freehub Oil is the perfect addition for the bicycle market and as part of the superior product line of Dumonde Tech.

Freehub Oil is the first and only lubricant on the market specifically designed for Pawl style freehubs which require a lightweight lubricant. Freehub Oil performs consistently throughout a wide temperature range. “Flow Point” is -40 degrees, is extremely low friction, providing the greatest protection. Simply follow the manufacturer's specification for the volume of oil required in your freehub body to experience the superior performance of Dumonde Tech’s Freehub Oil.

With Freehub Oil being lightweight, growing reports for other applications have been reported. Cable lube and brake lever lubricant for the small moving parts and the lightweight spring action they have. Time and cold temperatures do not affect the performance of Freehub Oil like with heavier viscosity, time, and temperature aged greases. They become thicker and stickier as they age slowing down the action of the parts.

Part Numbers

718122961535 2053 210000067011