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ENVE Composites M685 Fat rim 27.5

ENVE Composites M685 Fat rim 27.5
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A carbon fat bike rim with innovative features that make it the ultimate tool for high-performance fat bikers, whether in snow or dirt.

• Intended Use: Fatbiking
• Inner rim width: 85mm
• Recommended Tire Size: 3.8-4.5”
• Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible

For many, fat-bikes are the ultimate bicycle. With the ability to tackle any trail, through any weather environment, fat-bikes keep the fun rolling all year round. This rim brings the ENVE M Series legacy to your all terrain ride and delivers performance in the snow, sand, and dirt. Lighten your fat-bike, and cover more trail than ever before with confidence and without limitation.

As carbon rims have become hookless and increasingly more durable, we have transitioned from rim failures to tire failures.
Wearing a tire tread down to the casing is a thing of the past as most tires are lucky if they survive 50 miles of aggressive
riding over obstacle laden terrain. While destroying an expensive tire on a weekly basis isn't affordable, it's a complete interruption of flow, and an utter buzzkill with a flat tire, regulated to the side of the trail.

ENVE's wide hookless bead is the result of 2 years of carbon mountain bike rim development to address this above scenario. The result is a rim shape that features a wider leading edge of the hookless bead. This broad surface creates a more forgiving platform on which the tire can bottom out, and proves extremely effective in reducing the likelihood of "pinch" or "snake-bite" style flat.

In addition to greatly improving tire performance and reliability, the wide hookless bead design beefs up the leading edge of the rim and allows for greater impact resistance. ENVE Wide Hookless Bead (Patent Pending) delivers:
- 60% improvement in pinch flat resistance over other hookless rims
- Ability to run lower tire pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance
-The option to run lighter weight tires if desired
- A more forgiving buffer between rim and trail
- Greater impact resistance

At EVE, we use only the best materials in the construction of our rims. In this case, 100% unidirectional carbon fiber. Over
the years we have developed and identified specific construction methods, resin systems, and manufacturing techniques that best serve the mountain application. The result is that each rim in the M Series, while sharing in pedigree, has a dedicated laminate to ensure the best on-trail performance. As an example, the forces inflicted upon a wheelset by a trail rider on a 130mm bike are very different than the forces exerted on a wheelset used for downhill racing on a 200mm bike. Therefore, the laminate is optimized to create a structure that achieves the desired impact resistance, stiffness, and compliance.

Part Numbers

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