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ESI XL Extra Chunky Grips - Black

ESI XL Extra Chunky Grips - Black
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Extra-large versions of Chunky and Extra Chunky grips for riders who prefer a longer grip or are using an unconventional handlebar..

- 6.75in (171.5mm) long
- Wet or dry your hands won't slip but the grip will never feel sticky
- Install and remove with rubbing alcohol
- Silicone has a memory and will mold to your hand
- Made in the USA

- Color: Black
- Shape: Round
- Length: 171mm
- Lock On: No
- Grip Shift Specific: No
- Defined Color: Black
- Flange: No


ESI Grips Easy MTB Installation

Here is the correct way to install ESI Grips! All you need is rubbing alcohol, the grip and a towel. Watch as our CEO, Gary Stewart, describes this method of easy installation.

Part Numbers

181517000759 675XB 210000072333