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Bike Fitting

Improve Your Cycling Comfort

The philosophy at Angry Catfish is simple: if you’re comfortable and set up correctly on your bike, you’re going to accomplish your goals. We don’t use a lot of tech or fancy language. If you’re just riding a few miles to work, getting into group rides, getting lost in the woods, attacking technical single track or doing your first century, bike sizing and fitting is important.

How We Work

At Angry Catfish, we may not all be elite, high performance athletes, but we sure do love to ride. We want you to love your ride as much as we do without discomfort. We are FitKit certified and use methods and training from other fit philosophies that benefit all riding styles. We know that going to a bike shop to talk about your bike fit can be intimidating - we want to make you comfortable not just on the bike, but in our shop as well.

Who We Fit:

  • New cyclists
  • Commuters
  • Riders with big touring goals
  • Recreational cyclists
  • Road cyclists
  • Mountain bike enthusiasts
  • Endurance athletes focused on ultra endurance racing
  • People who suffer from minor injuries or are recovering from minor surgery
  • For cyclists with more advanced recovery needs, we are happy to refer you to a specialist

We do not currently work on triathlon bike fitting. It’s not because we don’t like triathletes! It’s just not our area of expertise at this time but we’re happy to make a referral if tri is your thing.

We’re not performance coaches (but again, we know some people if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish). We believe that a properly fit bike, as well as good stretching and exercise off the bike, is the path to being a happier, stronger, and more comfortable cyclist. That’s what we want to help you with during our fit process.

Fit Menu

Bicycling Comfort and Fitting Consultation | $100
  • Includes body measurements, recommended bike size and saddle height.
  • We take measurements of your limbs and ask questions that are relevant to your riding needs. You get a printed and emailed copy of your sizing consult.
  • Included with a new bike purchase.
Recreational and  Commuter Fit | $200
  • Includes the Bike Size Consultation as well as X/Y alignment, cleat and saddle set-up.
  • Takes approximately 1 hour on new or existing bike.
  • Included with a new bike purchase.
Endurance and Performance Event Fit | $350
  • A ground up look at your shoe setup, flexibility, body measurements, current fit, how your body is affected by your ride, and what we need to change to accomplish a comfortable ride and meet your goals.
  • Takes approximately 2 hours on new or existing bike.
  • Save $100 with a new bike purchase.

All bike fits include follow up meetings and minor adjustments. Replacement parts and repair services are not included in the fit price. We’ll provide you with an estimate if new parts are needed to correct current bike fit. Making changes to your bike setup may include additional service fees.

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