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Jobs @ ACF

Join Our Family of Bike Nerds

Hey! Check here to see if we're looking to grow our small collective of passionate bicycle nerds. Our ideal match would be someone that is stoked on bicycles and the lifestyle that is riding bicycles; whether it through the mountains, down long gravel country roads, across continents, or just to and from your favorite food stop or watering hole.
We believe that bicycles are transportation, recreation, and fitness tools that can change how we view and experience the world around us. If these things emulate with you then we’d love to have a conversation about how you might fit in at Angry Catfish. Before you get too excited think about a few prerequisites:

  • Product knowledge. You gotta have it. You gotta want more of it. Our customer base trusts us to be experts and put them into the right bicycles, clothing, suspension, brakes and coffee.
  • Attention to detail. Everything matters. How this handlebar tape is wrapped, how long each piece of housing is, tires being seated correctly and at the right pressure, which chain goes on what drivetrain, etc. We like to make things look pretty, we hope you do too.
  • The ability to work in a fast paced environment self sufficiently. We all need to take on many tasks from start to finish. Seeing a project through and knowing when to ask for help are very important attributes in our ideal hire.

Current Openings: Currently there are no openings.