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Bike Repair

You & Your Bike Are Welcome Here

As we roll into the warmer spring and summer days, we are scheduling all bike repairs by appointment. Please do not bring your bike in for service until you have scheduled your dropoff day. Once we have your bike, you will receive a cost and timeframe estimate for approval before we start any work. In season, we're typically around the 5-6 day turnaround once we have the bike and your approval.


At this time the only walk-in service we can provide are flat tire repairs and tubeless sealant recharging. 

*Please note that we only service e-bikes that we have sold and bikes with motor systems we're certified to repair. 


Schedule Your Dropoff


How We Work

Managing expectations is paramount to quality service, so here’s what you should know when coming to us with your bike: 

Please begin by filling out and submitting our service dropoff form. The drop off day calendar will be available so you can choose a convenient day to drop your bike off. 

After your scheduled drop-off, we will promptly write up a detailed cost and timeframe estimate to send you for confirmation before beginning any service. Instead of “tune-up” packages, we do a thorough inspection of each bike and will only repair or replace what needs to be addressed. It’s an à la carte approach so that we will not charge you for more than what actually needs to be done.

*Please do not bring your bike without an appointment, as we may not have room for you to leave it with us.*

When we have your bike in the shop, we treat it like our own. Our service team has decades of experience, which will ensure that you are satisfied with the condition in which your bike returns to you. We ride our bikes just about every day, and we want you to have that same confidence that you can count on yours.

A la Carte Pricing

We value our time and expertise, which means that we will charge you for the work that we perform at a fair rate. This is not a comprehensive service menu, but here is an example of what we charge for common services*:

  • Tire/Tube Install | $20
  • Tubeless Tire Installation | $25-$45
  • Tire Sealant Add/Recharge | $10
  • Spoke Replacement (1-3 spokes) With Wheel True | $40
  • Wheel Build | $100
  • Cable/Housing Installation | $25 (each)
  • Brake Bleed | $40 (per lever)
  • *Suspension Fork Service | $220
  • *Rear Shock Service | $150
  • Suspension Linkage Service | $120
  • Build a Shipped Bike (partially disassembled) | $120-175
  • Boxing a Bike for Shipment | $150
  • Complete Bike Build | $300-550

*In season suspension service runs April 1st-October 1st.

*Labor charges do not include parts. Prices subject to change. 


We are in good standing with the brands that we carry, and have a good relationship with many of them. Both parties want to ensure that your bike is in proper working order for as long as the company can guarantee.

We will submit warranty inquiries for bikes/products that we carry and serve as the liaison between you and the company. Should the case be deemed not warrantable, you will be financially responsible for replacement parts and labor. For products not purchased from Angry Catfish, the warranty process will incur a submission fee (discussed upon receipt) and include any necessary shipping charges to and from the company. You must also provide proof of purchase.

Love Your Bike Everyday

If you ride often (and we hope you do), you'll need a few basic supplies at home to keep your bike rolling along smoothly. We have an excellent selection of lubricants and tools, and we're happy to make recommendations based on your riding style.