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Custom Bikes

True Love On Wheels

When you spend so much time on your bike, you develop a relationship with it. You might be able to describe every detail that you love. You also might have some thoughts about how it could better suit your needs. Our favorite opportunity to have that conversation is on the approach to a new bike. That way, we can ensure that the bike we build for you is exactly what you're looking for. Then you get to spend more time enjoying your rides. Beyond the function, it's a chance to make something unique and long-lasting.

We look at bicycle geometry every day and match all varieties of bikes to all sizes of people. We understand what makes them ride well, and know that when the geometry is tailored to your individual dimensions, there is a bond that is hard to put into words. We can elaborate, but we'd prefer to do that in person. To start, take a look at the work of some of the custom frame builders we work with, below. Then tell us here, how we can help you build your dream bike!

Get Started on Your Dream Bike

Wilde Bicycle Co. - We've partnered with Wilde Bicycle Co. to bring you the finest, hand-built bikes. Wilde is based in Minneapolis and offers full-custom and stock bikes in both steel or titanium. No limits, no constraints. Simply the desire to build you the absolute finest bicycle we possible can. 

Moots Cycles has been the benchmark name in titanium bikes for decades. Several proven stock bike models as well as unlimited custom options. They have some of the best finishes to suit the timeless look of titanium 

Allied Cycle Works is setting new standards for carbon bikes - handmade in the US. We carry several of their frames, ready for customization. Custom paint is also available. 
Mosaic Bespoke Cycles are handmade in Boulder, CO. They produce some of the most beautiful custom-painted steel and titanium bikes available. No shortage of raw titanium either...

Get Started on Your Dream Bike