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"The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography that we think is simply too good to be confined to a screen. Published just twice a year, printed in Germany using the highest quality materials, and available in limited quantities, we see The Bikepacking Journal as an alternative to today’s ubiquitous glossy magazines. It’s our hope that you’ll find the stories worth revisiting and sharing with friends. We’ve obsessed over every detail to design the most beautiful printed product possible, and to create the most enjoyable experience for our readers. Take a break from your screen, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let our group of passionate contributors transport you to incredible dirt roads and trails in nearly every corner of the world." -
 Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance by Adonia E. Lugo, PhD
Bicycle/Race paints an unforgettable picture of Los Angeles—and the United States—from the perspective of two wheels. This is a book of borderlands and intersections, a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting infrastructure before culture, and a coming-of-age story about power and identity. The colonial history of southern California is interwoven through Adonia Lugo's story of growing up Chicana in Orange County, becoming a bicycle anthropologist, and co-founding Los Angeles's hallmark open streets cycling event, CicLAvia, along the way. When she takes on racism in the world of national bicycle advocacy in Washington, DC, she finds her voice and heads back to LA to organize the movement for environmental justice in active transportation. In the tradition of City of Quartz, this book will forever change the way you see Los Angeles, race and class in the United States, and the streets and people around you wherever you live. 192 pages, 5x8", paperback (8 oz) Published October 9, 2018 ISBN 9781621067641 Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
 Bikequity: Money, Class, & Bicycling by Elly Blue (editor) - Contributors: Joe Biel, Lauren Hage, Gretchin Lair, Adonia E. Lugo, PhD , and Katura Reynolds
At the intersection of bikes and identity Bicycling has the radical potential of equalizing our transportation system, creating more equitable opportunities from the personal to the societal, and being a vehicle for protest and social justice. But that isn't how it always works. The contributors to this volume of Taking the Lane zine tackle of the potentials and realities and unintended consequences of trying to create a better world using human-powered transportation. Edited by Elly Blue and featuring work by Tamika Butler, Adonia Lugo, Do Jun Lee, Gretchin Lair, V.K. Henry, Lauren Hage, Tammy Melody Gomez, Phill Melton, Cat Caperello, Joe Biel, Julie Brooks, Kassandra Karaitis, Katura Reynolds, Rebecca Fish Ewan, Rhienna Renée Guedry, and Adrian Lipscombe. This is the 14th issue of Taking the Lane feminist bike zine. 128 pages, 4.25x6.5", paperback (3 oz) Published July 12, 2018 ISBN 9781621060901 Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
 True Trans Bike Rebel By: Lydia Rogue Editor, River Katz Cover, Elly Blue Series Editor and Elly Bangs Contributor
Bicycling from a non-heteronormative, non-cisgender perspective Bicycling as a sport, a means of transportation, and a passionate pursuit is explored here by transgender, nonbinary, and intersex authors and artists. This groundbreaking volume includes a diverse range of experiences - A woman sets off on a long-distance tour across the desert, where she finds the courage she needs to continue back at home. - The executive director of a major advocacy organization walks us through his coming-out process and the precedent it set. - A young person survives school to find solace and identity in nature. - A contemplation of the parallels of building a bicycle and crafting one's own body. 128 pages, 4.25x6.5", paperback (4 oz) Published March 12, 2019 ISBN 9781621060017 Publisher: Elly Blue Publishing
 Mind the Cycling Gender Gap #1 by Tiffany F. Lam
In the U.S., men make 75% of cycling trips. In the U.K., men make 73% of cycling trips. Tiffany Lam fell in love with bicycling while living in Washington, DC, reveling in the freedom to get around the city, liberation from street harassment, and connecting with her community and with other cyclists, especially as part of her local advocacy group's "Roll Model" program. After writing her masters dissertation on the gender gap in cycling, she was motivated to share her own story and those of other women bicyclists. This zine collects diverse women's perspectives on their experience getting around on two wheels and is sure to motivate, activate, and inspire you to get out there—not just to ride, but to reach out to others and build a better bicycle community! 1/4 legal, 50 pages, b&w (2 oz) Published June 12, 2018 ISBN 9781621060277 Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
 Mind the Cycling Gender Gap #2: Freedom to ride by Tiffany F. Lam
Women's stories of bicycling and empowerment fill the second issue of this UK-based compilation zine. The theme here is freedom; liberation from the hassles of urban traffic and gender norms. Contributors from all over the world (including England, Pakistan, the Netherlands, and the US) talk about issues ranging from aging to pregnancy to fashion to creating a community organization to the subtle life lessons learned on two wheels. 4.25x7", copied, 48 pages (2 oz) Published September 10, 2018 ISBN 9781621067191 Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
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