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Come Ride With Us

Want to discover great local bike routes? We'd love to ride with you. Here you'll find shop rides, events, and fun biking things we're part of. Explore some of our favorites on our Strave Club page. Riding bikes is about the fun, the adventure, and the stories we’re left with when we get home. We hope you feel the same way. We ask that you sign a waiver before riding with us. It protects us, and also gives us an emergency contact if something were to happen. 

Monday Training Ride

Date:  Every Monday
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Meet Up Spot: Angry Catfish Bicycle (2900 East 42nd St.)
Distance & description: 30 Miles / Fast & Spirited 20mph pace)
Description: Leaves from shop at a neutral pace, once out of the city it will be fast, & spirited. Advanced riders intended. Ride will be a drop ride, however there will be a few stops along the way to make sure people can catch up after a spirited section. Rides in May will start at 30+ miles and pick up to 40-50+ miles when more daylight becomes avaiable.

Wednesday Social Open Ride

Date:  Every Wednesday
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Meet Up Spot: Angry Catfish Bicycle (2900 East 42nd St.)
Distance & description: 20ish Miles & pace 14-15mph
Description: Social ride pace, all welcome! A great ride to come learn the basics of group riding, create friends and work on getting stronger as a collective. Ride will be 20+ miles with some hills. Ride will end with at a beverage respite establishment.

Thursday FTW Social Ride

Date:  Every Thursday
Start Time: 6:15pm
Meet Up Spot: Angry Catfish Bicycle (2900 East 42nd St.)
Distance & description: ~20 miles & social pace 14-15mp
Description: Woman lead. FTW social ride, intended for femme, trans or women only. This is a great ride like our social Wednesday to learn basic group ride etiquette, create friendships and get stronger as a collective. Ride will be around 20 miles, a nice beverage respite after

July Midnight Century

Date:  Monday July 22nd
Start Time: 6:30PM
Meet Up Spot: Angry Catfish 2900 E 42nd St. Minneapolis, MN
Distance & description: 100 miles
Description: We had such a blast on our first Midnight Century that we want to roll onto another one! For July's edition we are heading East down to Prescott, Wisconsin for a little bit of climbing. There will only be about 2 miles of gravel, the rest is all pavement. Bring road bikes!

Route: 100 miles, with above 4,000ft of climbing.
Pace: 18-20mph* (last one we averaged 18.2)
Stops: 3 gas stations - Mile 40(Prescott), Mile 57(Hastings) Mile 76(Inver Grove Heights)

*This is a drop ride, because of the late start and not wanting to be out all night, we want to be sure that riders planning to attend are advanced enough to ride in a group and can fix their own mechanical issues.

Check out Facebook Event for more info

Destination Gravel Ride

Date:  Saturday July 13th
Start Time: 9:30 AM
Meet Up Spot: East Metro - Gateway State Trail - Pine Springs
Distance & description: 52 Miles
Description: This is a Lead ride by Claire. The goal with this ride is to grow our riders from flat and shorter distances to longer rides with higher elevations at the end of the season. This one is 50 miles, spirited pace but no drop. Water/Bathroom stop at mile 31.

Please email to register so we can account for attendance.