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Chris King Limited Edition Splash GRD23 Kit

Chris King Limited Edition Splash GRD23 Kit
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Our new, limited-edition, multi-colored Splash components were inspired by the hit 1984 romantic comedy of the same name starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, because we’ve always loved mermaids, and anyway this was back when Tom Hanks was still doing his kind of slapstick, nice guy comedy, before he got all serious and voice-of-a-generation about everything.

No. Not really.

We just asked ourselves, what if we took two of our more popular colors, inspired by Matte Bourbon and Turquoise, and put them together in one place. High contrast. High concept. But also a little bit of a throwback to the ‘80s when people were doing splatter and drip finishes on bikes.

It’s funny really, because these two colors represent the opposite poles of our collection. Bronze is refined, classy, even elegant. Turquoise is bold, brash, loud. Together we think they’re something entirely different, and entirely different is what we were going for.

If you love that splatter look, are craving something different, or just really like Tom Hanks, this is the look you’ve been looking for.

The Fine Print:

Splash is in EXTREMELY limited supply. Just 25 R45D kits exist. Limit one per customer.

This kit comes with a King GRD23 wheelset, headset, and bottom bracket (with Fit Kit). Again, these items are incredibly limited and we do not have extras.

Our Splash finish is, by nature, random. The coverage, density, and arrangement of your Splash will be unique and vary from part to part. Some color variations may occur. That's what makes it cool.

Kit Specifications:

- GRD23 wheels
- R45D Centerlock hubs in 24/24 Drilling
- 100x12mm front/142x12mm rear axle spacing only
- XDR Driveshell
- Headset: Dropset 3 (IS41/IS52)
- Bottom Bracket: Threadfit 30

If you have any questions regarding fitment, please email or call us.

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