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Engin Cycles Port Royal Gravel Crankset - 170mm - Black

Engin Cycles Port Royal Gravel Crankset - 170mm - Black
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The Port Royal Crankset is named for an infamously gnarly hill in Philly with a very classy name. Combining modern technology and standards with a timeless aesthetic, these cranks are light, strong, and sensible.

Available with two different spindle lengths for boost or non-boost setups. Compatible with SRAM 3-bolt chainrings. 30mm spindle.

If you are from Philadelphia and are a cyclist then the name makes sense. If you are not from Philadelphia and are curious about the name it is safe to say any bicycle part that has seen the road Port Royal deserves to be considered a product worthy of being abused and ridden hard.

Where to begin with describing this crank. Trying to combine modern technology and aesthetics from a 90’s era is not easy. We feel this crank is a blend of flowing lines much like the old forged cranks as well as a modern take on things with a 30mm spindle, shorter lengths and an eye on the stance. It is machined from US sourced 2024 to achieve the highest strength to weight ratio we can with aluminum. The extracting bolts and caps are made from 6061 aluminum. The system uses a spring steel wavy washer to supply bearing pre-load. There will be two spindle lengths one designed to work on both 73mm and 91.5mm bottom brackets (MTB) and another to work on 68mm and 86.5mm bottom brackets (Gravel Road). The needed BB cups are determined if you have 68/73 or 86.5/91.5 bottom brackets. 68mm and 73mm shells get external bearing assembles. 86.5mm and 91.5mm shells utilize internal bearing assemblies.

The chainring or spider used is compatible with the SRAM 3 bolt direct mount system.

Included is the chart for the Gravel Road and MTB assembly. All needed dimensions are available to ensure your frame has the correct clearances for the crank.

The cranks have ISO 4210 Pt 2: 4.13, 4.13.6 - 4.13.7 approval from a licensed ISO test facility.
The cranks are offered in two versions. The standard version and the HD (Heavy Duty). The heavy duty has re-enforcements on the backside that allow for heavier riders and riders that tend to be hard on equipment. The HD option adds 60 grams overall. You can select the HD for both MTB and Gravel. The cap color will include both the bolt and the cap in the color selected. The silver bolts are hard anodized for strength. All three lengths (165, 170 and 175) are available in both standard and HD.

Images include a chainring and BB. The crankset does not include a chainring or the BB needed for your specific frame application.

Weight for 170mm arms with spindle, bolts, thrust washers and extracting caps is 530 grams for MTB and 522 grams for Gravel Road.

Part Numbers

PORTGRVL170BLK 210000096854