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Sim Works Hoshi Raw Brass Nipple #14 - 72pc.

Sim Works Hoshi Raw Brass Nipple #14 - 72pc.
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SimWorks' purely domestic original spokes and nipples are requested from Hoshi Spoke, the last spoke manufacturer in Japan and the only manufacturer with NJS approval.

From daily commuting to weekend races and recreational rides, and above all, long-distance touring where durability is required- it has surpassed the market in recent years so that it can firmly protect your feet, just hard It is not just a spoke that emphasizes reaction performance, but a high-quality spoke that has moderate flexibility and can be used for a long period of time, with the highest priority on durability.

Your typical spoke nipple is post-processed by plating or they're constructed of aluminum but this time SimWorks asked to leave the brass material raw- suitable and handsome as it is.

Since the surface is not processed, it will be a little softer than a normal nipple, but it has adequate durability to withstand normal use, and you can enjoy the natural oxidized aging characteristic of brass by specing it and letting it roll.

Made in Japan

- Sales unit: 72 pieces
- Material: brass
- Color: brass color
- Size: 14G, 15G
- Weight: 72g (72 pieces)

Part Numbers

SWHS-14BR 210000089026