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Sim Works RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - WB Loader

Sim Works RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - WB Loader
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Bob Scales has owned and operated a line of (mostly) men's wear since 2010- eponomously called Product of Bob Scales, or POBS as it's evolved to in acronymic shorthand. If I were to pluck a tagline from Bob's own affirmation on the what and why of POBS being- Quiet Quality aptly characterizes the garments in these lines. Constructed of quality materials, meticulously crafted with flattering silhouettes and timeless style.

Russ and Bob had been friends and acquaintances going back a handful of years and Bob had enlisted Russ to act as 'Artist in Residence' for some projects that he had going on this past year for POBS. It just so happened that the seed had been planted between SimWorks and Russ as well- going back to some of our own conversations about a desire to work together at some point. So the pieces fell in to place really organically and it made it a light lift to get everyone on board to pull together a collaborative effort focused on a small "capsule" of products that would all tie back to SimWorks and POBS, and have them each feature some of Russ' art.

The final result is a limited offering of the RAL WB Loader, featuring a custom-milled crosshatched canvas fabric that Bob selected for the lining material. It adds a touch of sophistication and feels like an upgrade from the standard WB's nylon liner. The bag adds an interior sewn pocket divided in to three spaces that would serve well to isolate a cell phone and a writing utensil, as well as a third larger pocket that could hold a small notebook, paper maps, a water bottle, or whatever else you might want to keep separated from an otherwise catch-all bag with considerable volume. On that pocket space is a graphic that Russ designed, screen printed in-house by Bob himself at his home here in Portland, OR.

SimWorks operates almost entirely in the bicycle realm, but WB is a bridge to so many other worlds. While the bag is sized to fit in a standard Wald 1372 Basket, and makes for an outstanding foundation piece for cycle commuting or even "basketpacking", the bag shines bright off the bike as well. It's a worthy companion for trips to the grocery store, a bug-out bag for an impromptu road trip or a capable airplane carry-on for a long weekend. Anyone with a life on the go that needs a handsome, durable, weather-resistant catch-all bag can find a multitude of uses for the WB Bag.


- Size: 32cm x 19.5cm x 34 cm (with the roll top closed)

Part Numbers

RALLD016-PB 210000095210