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Sim Works likes to design practicality into their products. So for the Little Nick Bar we thought they would try a long and smooth approach. Feel free to cut it anywhere you like and ride it on any bike you choose. A 15 degree bend helps make this a comfortable fit and should inspire you to ride joyfully while cruising around town, on a long sojourn or down that tiny strip of singletrack between your work and home. Material : CrMo Steel Width : 700mm Rise : 0mm Sweep : 15deg. Center diam. : 25.4mm Bar diam. : 22.2mm Color : Silver Dullbright / Chrome
$125.00 - $128.00
Perhaps the purest lines within the Simworks family of "flat" handlebar offerings belong to the beloved 'Mowmow' profile. SimWorks is pleased to now offer Mowmow in a wider, heat-treated Aluminum offering - anodized in two classic tones and then finished with a fine luster polished finish. Equally at home gracing the cockpit of a nimble trail machine or sleek alleycat racer- Mowmow offers chic style and spirited ergonomics in spades. Of course-manufactured by our esteemed partners at Nitto, Mowmow-as with all the Aluminum handlebar lineup has a solid bar clamp dimension of 31.8mm, total rise of 38mm, a gracious back sweep of 9° and overall length at 750mm. Otherwise identical to the Stealth finish version that SimWorks released last year, this updated finish addition to the Simworks handlebar family has a classic low-riser shape that will feel familiar and sensible for ATB roamers and urban meanderers alike. Offering strength, durability, as well as modern ergonomics and style in a classic offering that will stand out in a crowd. Specifications - Material: Heat Treated Aluminum - Width: 750mm - Center diameter: 31.8mm - Bar diameter: 22.2mm - Rise 38mm - Sweep: 9°(Back), - 5°(Up)
The FUN 3 bar has been a staple offering in the Simworks by Nitto handlebar family for almost 10 years. Since discontinued in our Chromoly offering, we're pleased to have it available in 2 widths in our heat-treated aluminum variety. The 31.8mm bar clamp along with the material will provide stability and accurate steering input while keeping your hands comfortably positioned. Strength test, test again, then test again ... Fun 3 is an ATB bar that is made of Nitto HEAT TREATED material, which is an absolute requirement for peace of mind, and has a unique shape, specifications and ergonomics that feels right on any bicycle no matter where you ride. SPECIFICATIONS - Material: Heat Treated Aluminum - Bar Clamp: 31.8 mm - Width: 680 mm / 750mm - Rise: 20 mm - Grip Angle: 35 deg. - Weight: 359 / 393 g - Country of Origin: Japan
About 10 years have passed since the relationship between Little Nick Bar and SimWorks began. There's a great deal to learn from the enduring popularity of this simple but popular SimWorks staple handlebar. The aluminum tubing, which is precisely bent by Nitto's strong will and technology, has a center of 31.8mm, which is the standard of the modern age, and is finished with a strong, heat-treated treatment and a polished finish. I guess it's a magic number- the iconic 15-degree grip angle is popular with riders of all styles, and the simple shape of the Little Nick continues to be a no frills solution as well as an attractive aesthetic. The width has also been expanded to 750mm, in an effort to adopt a more modern specification. Specifications: - Material: Heat Treated Aluminum - Width: 750mm - Rise: 0mm - Sweep: 15deg. - Center diameter: 25.4mm - Bar diameter: 22.2mm
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